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Rock Lobster Containment


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OK, I got hit by the Rock Lobster invasion.  Brought a couple to the surface and they are wiping out my beefalo herds.  I have been thinking about this for the past week or so to come up with an effective strategy.  Feeding them rocks and luring them back underground at this point is a fool's errand.  Deleting them with the console doesn't feel right.


So, after reading all of the other posts here (thanks for the info) and 500 beefalo wool, 200 horns and 200 meat later here's my 2 part strategy, hopefully others find it useful:


1.) Start a Beefalo protection program.  Identify a large section of grassland to protect the beefalos in.  Setup a couple of pens to seed the population.  I personally walled off a large peninsula that I keep the lobsters out of.


2.) This was my breakthrough.  Use Rock Lobster lures to contain the population.  Penning them is impossible at this point.  Here's the rock lobster lure:


X = Wall

O = Mineral






(sorry for screencap sizes)


Beefalo Lure:



Beefalo Protection Agency Reservation:




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Beefalo Protection...well, oh crap! 


*Flees when two other more...Mediterranean-looking characters with "bent to one side" noses enter the discussion*


We hoird youse wanted to protect da Beefalo.


Dat's real Smaoirt!


After all, we'd make suiore Rocky hoire

*Rock Lobster noise sounds almost like a Swarthy Grunt*

didn't feel like...ya know, "leavin da pen," "poppin the asexual"-if ya know wut Aye Mean!

'Cause it's so hard to get dem to all stay in loine and dat stuff when dey be runnin' free and stuff like the magnificat specimines dey are, especially in da totally legitamate fights dey do to impress our ladies, AYYYEEEE!


We'd hate to have any more...accidents with them...tripping and killing a bunch'a Beefalo. 


So, you pay up 10 gold nuggests a week for our...oversight an' stuff, and no more Beefalo gotta get...accidentialy Hoirt.




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