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  1. Omg... I was reading this thread, and I was like, "Really...? The noobs invaded these forums in force today didn't they?" Then I scrolled down to the bottom...Well played...
  2. My little cozy. Beefalo directly to the north. And I am on an isolated little peninsula, so I am relatively safe from hound attacks.
  3. Exactly. I don't post often, but I do read the forums quite a bit. So, when I do decide to post an opinion, and I get some snarky reply from a "Senior" member, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  4. Why reply to my post if you are going to condescend?I just don't believe existing mobs needed tweaking as far as stun-lock. I like the AI's use of kiting. That makes it interesting. However making me kite 2 measly spiders is lame IMO. Making the game "challenging" (aka tedious) =/= fun For me anyways. Might for you. But not for me.
  5. No. I dislike the stun-lock nerf. I don't mind things being tougher. But getting rid of stun-lock or reducing it has made combat a chore for me. I'll come back after the next update and see what has changed. On topic though, I had no problem getting an icebox and a stack of berries and carrots before winter. Use the resources already provided for the first winter.
  6. Ok, I stand corrected.Still seems kind of out-of-place though. Maybe a little more background in the final product will sell it to me.
  7. Krampus doesn't really fit in the game if you ask me.Its purpose does, but the way it looks? No.
  8. Ok.Six nests was way too much.Four is manageable, just don't get complacent.Three is the sweet spot.Six had me running back to my camp like a baby. Maybe with a small pig army it could be done.But three is just what I need really. ~8 silk and ~20 monster meat out of one night. That's enough silk for a tent, which is exactly what I was looking to get. I really like that spider enclosure by Helo. Its maniacal.
  9. So I have a half dozen spider nests, and am thinking about creating a web farm. My current idea requires me to man it at night.1. Deploy nests in a large circle during the day.2. Build a fire pit in the center.3. Kill spiders when the sun goes down.I think anymore than 6 nests and I would run the risk of being overwhelmed.Also, I think I might have to spread my deployment of them because the last thing I want is six spider queens running around.Or, maybe just destroy the nests once they reach their third tier. Thoughts/improvements?
  10. You know what kills 3 spider queens and all her little spiderlings super fast?40 killer bees.
  11. Sanity only becomes an issue when I want it to be. Once I got the crock pot, I found managing sanity to be pretty simple. Its just another ball you need to juggle.It spices the game up. Its not some mechanic added arbitrarily to make the more difficult. It is a fully fleshed out feature, and adds to the experience. I just wish there wasn't a "sanity meter'. Klei, let all of the awesome subtle clues you added be our gauge for sanity. I think the meter kind of cheapens it.