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  1. wow, i looked those up and they really are affordable! I guess im just used to WACOM's expensive stuff im going to have to get one of those, thanks for sharing that with us!
  2. wow!!! these are all great! you have some real talent! my favorite is the Wilson with the garland flower headpiece, he really looks scared! like hes about to go insane! welcome to the forums! i look forward to more of your artwork!
  3. The Wilson-Dracula looks great!!! one of your best yet! keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing it with us!
  4. the great thing about the Dont Starve art style is the loose, sketchy feel of it, and you have it nailed! i can tell the confidence in your lines (if you know what that means) so, do you use a Wacom tablet to draw them or pencil then scan them in? and then Illustrator to vectorize them? just wondering! i need to start sketching again... thanks for sharing your work with us!
  5. you shouldv'e attacked those beefalo at the end of the vid... trust me, nothing bad will happen! good luck with your vids
  6. you just restated what i said but ok. the "devs" and the "suits" are two totally different groups. game devs value the gaming community. game publishers want to make their shareholders happy. of course im generalizing, alot of smaller pusblishers try to balance both sides. Ubisoft, EA, etc etc? not so much.
  7. my god Teo got the other thread locked, wow so much for healthy discussion.
  8. it appears most of the issues are arising due to the automated algorithms google/youtube uses to flag these vids, alot of them using content that was distributed by the devs for reviewers and let's players, as well as alot of issues with background music being flagged hopefully with the outcry about this on the internet reaching typhoon-stage rage levels over this, they can adjust the algorithms again and fix it all, but i fear the background music issue will be a harder one to fix, since the RIAA are total a$$holes. Its not the artists/musicians that are complaining, its the music publishers that are looking for more ways to make money... I hope the "suits" somehow realize that people making let's plays are FREE ADVERTISING!!!!! yeesh
  9. She is simply trying to discuss an issue relevant to artists all other content creators- (musicians, writers, coders, scripters etc etc) I believe at a certain point in an artists career it can be beneficial to do free artwork for the sake of good word of mouth, free exposure, basically free advertising- it helps hone your skills and spread your work "out there" at a certain point, an artists skills and exposure are adequate enough to start charging for the work they do, as long as there is an audience receptive to what is being produced. And they feel comfortable selling their work. Inevitably, there will be those that cannot actually make the art themselves, and will question the motives of those that do decide to charge, and throw up the argument that i will summarize from the "other" thread: "why should i pay for it when i can get it for free?" To this i have to say, as an artist, or musician, or game maker, whatever it is you do, you have to ignore these people. Haters gonna hate. They are gonna want to complain if they dont get what they want, for free, right now. The same mentality leads people to download games and music and movies illegally, because they can get it for free! Why should they pay for it? Its a deeper seeded personal issue in those individuals that content creators can do nothing to pacify, save for folding and giving away work for free. Alot of game companies are moving away from DRM because of the negative backlash against it, and traditional content creators like myself and NicoleArtist can learn something from that. Not that the answer is caving in to the whims of brats, and im not saying "if you cant beat em, join em" BUT in today's digital and social-media ruled world, a little good faith goes along way. To a point. When the line is crossed, dont feel bad for charging for art!! So artists have to balance a razors edge when it comes to content cretiona nd copyright and fair use and creative commons, the list goes on and on. You have to measure your own self worth and gauge that to the interest that is there for your art/music/talent to thrive commercially. Thats how the good self promotion of giving away some art as a good gesture and future investment in your career as an artist. (NicoleArtist is a valuable part of this usually somewhat dysfunctional community- she contributes alot with her art and humor and pleasant demeanor- I wish there were more like her here at the Dont Starve forums! )
  10. Never feel bad about charging for your skills as an artist, you have a talent, it can be used as a commodity. Today's economic situation for many is dire at best, so utilizing any means necessary to survive is your right. And of course, since it is YOUR talent and time, if you want to share with a community you enjoy being a part of and that you feel appreciates it, then that is your call! However, if you feel a certain community is not so nice to be a part of, there are lots of other forums with members that are nicer and less hostile. Its unfortunate if you go that route, i know being inspired by the source material is a big part of it! Dont starve is a cool game with cool art style for sure! But there are alot of other game communities out there if you feel like this one is not right for you. I hope you stay, though, if at least to spite the haters! Those that cant do what you do Art wise have choices as well, as the poster above me pointed out: It's just like Video Game makers like our own KLEI and those nefarious game pirates. Artists, coders/scripters, musicians, writers all are at a point where intellectual property is a minefield. Good luck with your art man, you've got real talent!
  11. wow, you all must have iron wills and adamantine constitutions, because after about 4-5 days in the ruins my sanity is at rock bottom! good thing for green mushrooms growing in caves to collect before going down, wearing appropriate clothes like the good ol Tam O Shanter, and lots of jerky and taffy (before the start to spoil), and running back up to caves and befriending a few bunnymen or rock lobsters to get some sanity back so i think sanity (and the lack therof) adds a lot to the game, otherwise you could hang out in caves.ruins forever and before i realized you could kite Terrorbeaks they were the bane of my ruins exploring existance!
  12. hi charibou! wow, you really blew me away with this amazing art- you took it to another level with this reinterpretation of the characters! i tip my tophat to you good sir thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing more
  13. Why are people so rude on this forum?

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    2. Battal


      You're the one who called a guy a "basement dweller" for asking you to spoiler a post.

    3. Sporb


      Some people get angry over the smallest things.

    4. NicoleArtist


      Its because theirs a lot of rude people in this world, and its easy to hide yourself on the internet.

  14. thanks for sharing your vid! im just going to believe this is what you both look like: (from the tv show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - they are both British )