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i lost my save


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Did you try reconnecting to the steam cloud?

yea i still don't have my save


steam cloud syncing has been buggy lately, just disable it for now and start a new game, more than likely the save is lost.


also are you playing public preview?


Are you testing the public preview? If you are, it swaps the save files for preview ones. Once the game preview goes live, the old games are returned, or will also do so when you disable the preview in properties.



But if this is not the case, you may wish to bug report it. 


i think im not playing the public preview

since in my don't starve properties tthe only available option is NONE - opt out of all beta programs

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i lost my save

i was using steam cloud now its all gone

i was like 70+ days surviving

mourge irecord is still there but when i play my save is gone

need help

Hiya @bearGN, were you playing with mods enabled? Have you tried rebooting your computer and Steam itself to see if that sync's your game properly?


Finally, could we ask you to provide us with the "cloud_log.txt" and "cloud_log.previous.txt" files from your Steam folders? These files can help us understand what caused your saved game to disappear.
To find these files:
- Computer > Local Disc (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > Logs > "cloud_log.txt" and "cloud_log.previous.txt"
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When you tried to start up the game before your world was gone, did you get a "Steam was unable to sync your files for Don't Starve with the Steam Cloud" Or the "Your local Don't Starve files conflicted with the ones stored in the Steam Cloud"?

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