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I don't know what pelotrinx is I was referring to krampus.

So he wont smash chests if I'm not near them? Great!


He WILL smash chest that you are not near. When he spawns he will spawn near you then lock onto the nearest chest and/or items on the ground. If there are not enough items on the ground that are closer than your chests, goodbye stuffs.

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That's why when the hissing gets loud you stop killing things.

Unless you want a sack. Then you summon him with an ice staff and lots of redbirds/snowbirds. freeze bird then proceed to 


Then figure out how many have spawned, kill any excess Krampi, then save&exit, use pan flute/sleep dart. Kill Krampus


and if he doesn't drop the sack, altf4 and then go back, rinse & repeat.

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So if I make 2 chests with pine cones wood and other junk far away from my base, then murder enough to spawn him while I am near the junk chests. Will he spawn near me and destroy the junk chests first before going for my base?


Yep, even better, fill the chests with bee bombs ;)

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