Milking Beefalos, as well as bowl ideas

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I think that Beefalos should be milkable during the mating season, providing a few ways to diversify food


choices.(done while they sleep of course, or while wearing a Beefalo Hat) { Milkable only twice every four


hours per Beefalo} meaning long whole days spent watching herds if you want to stockpile


My Idea would be that:


Milk could be extracted using: [ Milk filled bowls stack to 10]


either a Stone Bowl (4 Rocks and 2 Charcoal) {Survival Tab} [stackable to 5]


or a Woven Bowl ( 4 Cut Grass and 4 Spider Web) {Survival Tab} [stackable to 5]


Milk then could be placed inside: { 4 Bowls worth in the Vat and 2 in the Churn}


Either a Vat (6 Boards and 4 Rope and 2 Cut Stone) to become Cheese in (4 Days) {Food Tab}


Or a Mechanical Churn (4 Boards and 4 Gears and 2 Rope) to become butter (4 Hours) {Food Tab}


Milk would go bad in 10 days, whereas cheese would go bad in 20


This would make staying nearer Beefalos even more important.


Milk would provide (10 Health, 5 Sanity, and 5 Hunger)


Cheese (15 Health, 5 Sanity, and 10 Hunger)


Please read my Idea, and provide feedback, I prefer constructive criticism over flaming and negative comments


Thanks all



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All I Can say about him is that He's the reason why Maxwell tentacle porn exists.

Pffft, I wouldn't do something like that! Way too predictable. Instead I'd take a couple of days to write out an intensely detailed Woodie/Lucy erotica. There'd be a Werebeaver transformation right in the middle of coitus, too. Full Moons can be so romantic..

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It's important to conceptualize the food in this game as serving unique purposes.


For [this] specific environment, with [these] specific mobs, with [these] specific ingredients, I want to achieve [this].


Diversifying food isn't necessary for most situations in this game, because there is already a dominant recipe which is sustainable and fulfills all your needs already. It would create the illusion of depth, but be overshadowed by something superior. Of course, you could always adjust these variables and such but it will be difficult to do and balance effectively, much less without major negative responses from the audience. This game is made with minimal micromanagement in mind.

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