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Hello there. :)I have just watched the WTF Is.. on Don't Starve from TotalBiscuit and I felt obligated to come here. But I have also brought a couple of questions. Firstly, do I need permission to make post reviews in both video and written format? I really don't want to get in trouble or cause any trouble so I felt that it would be nice to ask first. And secondly, after the realease of the game on Steam, will the browser game still be available? Thank you for your time.~Rocky

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Greek letters are an ambiguous way of describing a proyect's stage. The Don't Starve blog calls the game an "Early-Access Beta", but I would personally call it Alpha too, considering that new features are still being added and planned. Beta sounds more like "refining stuff and hunting bugs" in my opinion.

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Thank you for your replies.And @Cellusious, I think that reviewing a game while still in alpha/beta/omega ( some early developement greek letter stage ) and then taking a look back at it when it is fully released is a better way to show how the game evolved and how good the game actually is. And I know it's still in developement.. That is why I bought it. Moar moneyz=moar stuffs at release. :D

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