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AutoCompiler.exe Error?

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I wasn't sure where to put this, so I kinda just chose randomly...Sorry...but what do is it mean? Google didn't have any straight forward answers for me.

Since AutoCompiler.exe is part of the Don't Starve Mod Tools, it should be in the mods section...

It's failing to compile some asset for one of your mods. I'm not sure how it logs errors because it's a Windows only tool, so far.

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Except it's not...

You'd do better by reporting* the OP, asking a moderator to move the thread in it.

* The report being just a communication tool, there's no "infraction" to be reported.

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   Hi, when I start up don't starve: I get this "AUTOCOMPILER.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING" error. I'm wasn't sure what this was, so I closed the window and Don't Starve worked fine. But, I'm a little curious: What does this error mean?

This sounds like your mod tools have gotten corrupted.  I would try re-installing them.

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