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Making The Game More Challenging


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So I was reading the general forums here and I came across this thread. Some of things mentioned made me think  about making the game more challenging and what I came up with is that it would be trivial to add events/variables in the game that would trigger on benchmark achievements, say such as creating a Prestihatitator for the first time or the end of winter. Then it would be possible to modify current game features to be harder and to add new challenges to the current game but only when benchmark events have been triggered or better yet a combination of events. 


So what I think I will do is make a standalone mod that the only thing it does is add these events/variables and a secondary set of events/variables that only trigger when a combination of events has happened for example having lasting your first winter and after creating a meat effigy.


I will attempt not only make this a standalone mod but also make it a component so that the component can be used as an easy addition for other modders if they want to use it.


Not sure if this is of interest to other modders but if so feel free to offer suggestions below.

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