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  1. First up, this isn't an urgent bug. There's a really easy workaround, so this is doubly not an urgent bug. Closing and|or opening the build interface or selecting a different item to build circumvents the bug. Also, builds aren't blocked in any other squares. Even building in adjacent squares still works. The save file has a Microbe Musher mid-deconstruction to make it easy to time the test. The Uncomfortable
  2. Sidenote: putting your algae distiller in a chlorine room can also help with the diseased output issue. @The Plum Gate
  3. This is exciting! I've been wondering if this would be an upcoming feature (and didn't want to bother devs in early access). <3
  4. Admittedly, this might be working as intended. I built some algae terrariums in water to reduce the upkeep and quickly found my dupes frequently disinfecting. The germ overlay indicated why. I went back to before finishing the algae terrariums and I guess I forgot the water was tainted at some point. Went from under 700 germs in any given square of water to consistently more than a million. Prosperous Crew.sav Prior to Terrariums - P. Crew.sav
  5. Most things you cook on the grill increase the calories. Pickled meal specifically doesn't. It just "pickles" or preserves the meal so that it lasts longer. It should say it results in 1800 kcal in game as well. If it doesn't for you, that might be a display bug.
  6. I tried to follow the instructions just as before, these are the only files that I had since it was the only files the tutorial mentioned necessary (well the readme txt isn't necessary either but it shouldn't matter having it there) But this time I would launch the game on my windows 7 computer instead and enable the mod there. That should have worked if I understood this correctly, but None of the anim zip files shows up anyway? Here's the error message, I can't interpret these messages normally but it does just say that those zip files are nowhere to be found, right? I have no idea what to do now :/ Should I upload the files for you to see? It says that it couldn't find in the anim/ folder. Have you added animations for Rat to your mod? EDIT: replied to an old copy of this thread. Whoops. Disregard.
  7. Hm. Is there room for another coder here?
  8. Same number of notes here. There was a bit of frantic meandering for me though. That I couldn't gather any carrots or berries had me on edge the whole time.
  9. This is very cool. Kinda wish I thought of something for the contest.
  10. Version 0.6.5


    Hunger - 130 Sanity - 120 Health - 50 High hunger rate. Extra benefits from eating Health improves over time with "healthy" lifestyle
  11. Version 0.1


    There may be a lot of unforeseen bugs with this. I hope not, but if you want to use it to refactor a previously code-named character, please BACK EVERYTHING UP. The primary purpose of this tool is to rename all the character identifier WODs and wods in the sample character template to a codename picked by you. This isn't the descriptive name, just the identifier used to reference your character. Occasionally, if you discover your name isn't unique, you may need to use this to alter the internal codename to not interfere with another modder's mod. STEPS: 1) Download the Sample Character ( I like to use the steam workshop version ) 2) rename (or copy-rename) the folder from workshop-169568662 to taste. 3) run WodRenamer 4a) "Open!" the modmain.lua within the previously renamed folder. 4bOi) If you're not refactoring the character detected, and instead refactoring a different prefab: type the prefab's internal name into the lower inputbox. 4bOii) In the case of item, uncheck "character prefab" and check "item prefab" 4bOiii) Click "Override!" (Right side text dump should show what files fit the pattern.) 4c) If it looks like it found the right files, Type the desired codename in the lower input box, and click "Rename!" Known issues: Issue that just occurred to me: When using override -> rename WodRenamer won't check the lua files that reference, but don't include the name submitted. I'll have to fix that.