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Is there way to play older version of game ?

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I had a not so long break from this game, today I decided to play again but game crashed before started.


When I tried to find a solution for my problem I found information that Klei stopped supporting my graphic card.


I'm not happy about it, I understand that I'd be no able to play newest versions but I would like at least be able to play last version that worked on my graphic card. 


Is there way to achieve older version of Don't Starve, I have it on Steam. When I played last time there was no information about incompatibility and game was working fine.


Thanks for help.


PS. I was not sure if I shouldn't post this in bug tracker, but basically it's not bug. Well it's probably not general also, maybe I should flip a coin.

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I do have a older copy of the game, back in "A little Rain must fall" I believe, but I'm not sure how I would get it to you..... I have the dont_starve folder, so it should work. But you'd need to disable automatic updating on Don't starve. (this is for steam by the way)

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That's update from March as I found? I remember that being able to play version where steam workshop was introduced, but your version is still better than none.

I'm not sure if you can give me legally and I don't want you to have any problem with Klei (and also I don't want to have any more problems). I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't place it anywhere with public access.

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So, @JoeW how do you propose I do this legally?


As you probably wanted to address this to me not to one of administrators. I have no idea if you can do it legally, you don't even have a proof that I really own game.

Download the DRM free version, and don't launch the updater.

I completely forgot that they provided that with early access humble, checking that now.



Unfortunately no luck, current version on humble(that is version that I can got without updating) have the same problem about OpenGL.



I decided to try changing operation system, and guess what. Don't Starve started working again (at least menu, I don't have time to check more at this moment)

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