Repairable armor/tools?

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I thought it would be cool if you could repair tools and armor. This would be similar to the way you can repair weapons and armor in Fallout, where if you had two copies of the exact same tool/piece of armor, you could sacrafice one of them to repair the armor, but at the cost of durability.

For example, if you had two axes; one at 35% and the other at 25%, you could use one to repair the other, but the durability of the final item would not be the sum of the two original items' durability (25% + 35% = 60%), but rather a little lower (like somewhere around 45%-50%).

I don't think this would be very overpowered if you adjusted the durability of the final item, and it would make sense in real life (it would be understandable to think that, if you had two broken items, you would be able to scrap one for parts to fix the other)

I was thinking this would be useful for instances where you come across another copy of an item you already have (such as in set pieces). I always happen to come across a set piece and find some tool with 50% durability or so, and because I already have that same tool in my inventory at 60% durability, I always end up having to leave it in order to save inventory space.

From a technical standpoint, it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to impliment. It could be as simple as dragging one tool over another in your inventory and right clicking or something in order to repair. I don't really know anything about programming or the way the game itself is coded, but it doesn't seem like it would be very hard to remove item 1 from inventory and increase item 2's durability by some percentage of item 1's.

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Personally, i think that there's such an abundance of materials in the game (stone,wood,pigskin etc.)

that repairing armors and such would be pretty useless considering you could just as easily create new pieces, although combining them for a bit of durability to get rid of those pesky 11% axes and such would be nice

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I like this idea. Here's a concept:


Repair Kit: I'm no repairman!


Recipe: 4 Boards, 2 Hammers, 4 Hound Teeth


-Loses 20% durability every usage

-Restores 30-80% of armor/tool durability(depends on the item)

-Slight loss to speed while it's in your inventory.


How does this sound?


I'd much rather just make a new one, unless it's something like thulecite or marble armor, in which case I would use it.

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