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Comics n' friends MKII

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Okay, there's been a bunch of conversation with the group about bringing this back, and everyone was all, "Yeah!" And "okay, let's do it!" But no one did it. So I guess I'll make the thread.

DISCLAIMER: This was not actually my concept. The credit goes to @Ellebelly24 and @Kooez. This was their wonderful idea.


@Ellebelly24 - Snowfall

@Kooez - Azreth

@WhispNcat - Whisp

@Blewcheese - Shelby

@gloryKAT - Shard

The old thread lives here, anyone who wants to catch up can do so. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/topic/25726-comics-n-friends/?hl=%2Bcomics+%2Bfriends

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