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Bees problems again..

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A little while ago I had problems with my bee farm, the bees did not produce any honey whatsoever, I posted it got some nice tips (catching butterflies and dropping them near my beeboxes).

But since about day 140 I have another problem with my beefarm and I would like to solve it ;p

The problem is that 1 of the beeboxes collects faster more honey than the others (or the other 4 collects honey slower..)

I actually have no clue how to solve it, any ideas would be appriciated!

red marked one gathers honey faster than the ones that I marked green:


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Perhaps it has more bees in it than the others? have you been capturing bees for the stingers or something?

If everything else fails, force the bee-mine glitch that throws hundreds of bees to your world, that should quicken your honey production :D

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