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Imagine my surprise that not only did i find this change from the last update, it was a surface world (as in not caves) update!


This means that when we kill a Gobbler,


(and to players unless you wish to use valuable ranged weaponry durability, I suggest dropping a berry or other fruit or vegetable as bait, then kill it when it approaches the bait with any melee or improvised melee item,) 


now we get two stackable minor meats (as in 12.5 hunger each, and 1 health if cooked and eaten by itself) instead of losing two slots when collecting their bounty.  This means it's a lot quicker to get the two drumsticks (for the Crock Pot) for the Turkey Dinner


The only very small drawback is the turkey dinner still requires (besides the two drumsticks,) a(n) (additional) half-meat (such as a third drumstick, morsel, frog legs, small jerky, eel, and/or Batilisk wings) and the typical half fruit or vegetable (but if you're trying to get and kill a gobbler, it's likely you have a berry for this already.) 


The only questions about this I have is: After the gobbler was so consistently dropping 1 drumstick and 1 morsel for many many months, why change it now so late in the game release? Was this a reader request or a re balance thing?  

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