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Bug With The Updater On Mac


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I tried to update the standalone and I get this message.



File "<string>", line 1302, in <module>
File "/Jenkins/workspace/Eets2_RELEASE_OSX_StandAlone_HumbleDeploy/ToolsSrc/src/Updater/build/updater.osx/out00-PYZ.pyz/wx._core", line 8010, in MainLoop
File "/Jenkins/workspace/Eets2_RELEASE_OSX_StandAlone_HumbleDeploy/ToolsSrc/src/Updater/build/updater.osx/out00-PYZ.pyz/wx._core", line 7306, in MainLoop
File "<string>", line 676, in OnUpdateComplete
File "<string>", line 825, in ShowError
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Hey @Luggz, 


Thanks for posting your error message. Our programmers are looking into it.


In the meantime, could I get you to go to delete your current version of Eets: Munchies, then go to your Humble Store download page and download the newest version of Eets: Munchies?


You'll find that the newest build is dated 2013-09-19 (new!). Download that new version and try updating your standalone to see if that works for you. 

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