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Haha! With puzzle games, there are so many opportunities for glitches and exploits... it becomes unavoidable. Like FEZ, and that "glitched 33rd cube", or the Incredible Machine: E.M.C./R.O. and it's clipping errors and derpy physics. Braid is supposed to be so highly polished, yet, people still found ways the break it. And don't get me started on Portal... go watch a speedrun of that!


When it comes to puzzle games... the developers can only test things so much, and that's why there are betas... because, we become hundreds and thousands on little testers, and they WANT us to find glitches and exploits, so they can fix 'em up before release. The problem with physics glitches are, changing one wrong thing can ruin everything else... hopefully this is just a fixable exploit!



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Yup, that is a physics bug that can happen in several different situations.


We'll be making some tweaks to our physics engine as we proceed to final release which should address this.

Wade as much as I love you please don't tell them to fix that bug! It's so adorable!

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