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Hi everyone, i dont know it is a bug or purpose, but why is 15 points for gold and 20 points for grass tuft, plants.. In demo i can make more than 1500 research points and this is a little bit much i think. (sorry for wrong terms used if i have some, im from czech republic)

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Hello there burdacz and welcome to the forums!

I am not sure why gold is worth less research points than a grass tuft, but this was the opposite b4 the nov 27 patch. Perhaps they overlooked it, or perhaps there is just more to learn from the roots of a plant than from a yellow colored rock :p

There is currently no cap on research points. I know a particular lady that has 50000 research points! What a work that must have been.

There wont be a cap on research points either, becoz they will be removed in January. They wanted to wait with implementing this change till after the Christmas holidays and have increased the amount of research points u receive per item to reduce the amount of time and effort (grind) needed to unlock all the tech.

Ur english is perfectly understandable btw.

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The research system is changing in Jan as Pants said.

Also If you use the tuft that is spending a resource that will never replenish and has no alternative sources. Unlike gold which can be obtained from the pig king for a little meat.

And yes. I have 50,000 points.

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I still think 20 is far too many point for Grass Tuft. Yes, fine, you can't get that grass back once you "spend" it in the Science Machine, but seriously, every world has how many Grass Tufts? 250 or so?

Maybe if the worlds were still tiny like they used to be a few months ago, but these days 20 is way too much. They should be somewhere between 7 and 12 points each if you ask me.

Also, LadyD is crazy. ;)

No, I can't say that,... if you really wanted to, you could also stockpile a ton of points by Nomad-ing it up and de-grassing a few worlds. You could supplement the points from the Grass with all the food you don't immediately need, and hunt Spiders and Tentacles for Monster Meat (12 points per cooked piece!) as well.

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There you go, and also 20 points for grass tufts hasn't been changed and won't be since they are taking out that whole system of research in about a month, so thats why it's still 20 and seems too good to be true

Also : http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?2832-Don-t-Starve-Roadmap other info on where the game is headed

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