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Hello there,

One functionality that might be kind of cool is if worlds could be retained after death, even if you make a new world. Just the seed would be saved.

The benefit of this is if you play a map you really like and die, you can play a new one if you want but come back to the older one later(maybe after you have forgotten).

Usually, I play a new world each time but it sucks to give up a cool world seed forever just because you don't wan't to play in it again right away.

Thoughts anyone? :)

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This definately sounds like a good plan to me! I like starting new maps to keep things interesting and having to explore all over again, but i remember my 3rd map. Sigh, it was grand.

There were bridges but only short ones and the beefalo island was HUGE and had 1 entrance over a small bridge, which is awesome. Now with treewalls being made impossible, having beefalo on an island that is attached to another one, eventually makes it that the herd wanders away from one another till they are all spread out all over the place, so manure farming becomes a ton harder.

I was actually thinking b4 the treenerf to make a big cage and attack beefalo to lure them in there. Afterwards i could simply run to the other side of the wall and see the beefalo fruitlessly run into it on the other side, till he lost aggro. This to ease manure farming and to prevent my beefalo from eventually dying to hounds. I guess it just wasnt ment to be.

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