Don't Starve? Don't tell me what to do!!! {General Feedback]

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Hey just bought the game a bit ago and am enjoying it. It's a great addition to the survival game genre and the art is to die for, personally. So, thought I'd ramble a bit about my experience. I've unlocked Willow so that gives you a sense of how much game time I've managed. Far from unlocking and fiddling around with all the items. I won't dwell too much on the content wall because y'all clearly know about it. I also wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to seeing the other characters powers and items and such! As a gamer lady of good breeding and masterful intellect, I'm happy to hear that the characters are getting something unique. That Willow will not, in fact, just be a less powerful "skin" for Wilson at final release.My hope is that these characters will also have items that reflect playstyle as well. Wilson's progression, or flow of play I guess, is pretty obvious within the first five hours of play. Even less if you "cheat" and look up the pig men interaction. You know that once you get a magical farm you're essentially safe. The spiders aren't aggressive enough to actively avoid and the tentacles are located only in the swamp and so well--just don't go into the swamp. I found I died most to accidentally attacking a beefalo than actually doing something dangerous. Anyway, the point is, that Wilson feels like a very base and straight forward survival game character. If you've played them before you can look at his items and go "Oh, I know what I should build first." The discovery of items and their interactions then take back seat to what is pretty obvious directions to take and how to create a base.I think that's great and fine and makes sense for the first character on the unlocking ladder. I'd just like to see the other characters have more options. Here's what I'm thinking:Ambigious playstyles--Like say turns out I should be getting that log armor first because this character excels at being aggressive. Or, ohh they should only ever be in the swamp--or they thrive around beefalo. Anything that causes a discovery of playstyle rather than just item unlock. Maybe someone who is a gadget master at the cost of the safer, more traditional items? Someone who has items that interact with one another in unexpected ways.Niche playstyle choice-- Do you like making pretty, gothic gardens? This character is the bomb for that. Want to be a pure killer or a pure builder? We've got that! These should be later unlocks, obviously. It means that the vets should be able to explore and enjoy the game their way. Survival games are great, but being forced to always participate in the aspects of the game that you are meh about is what, at least for me, keeps them from being long term plays. Sometimes I just want to make my little cave the gosh durn prettiest and would like to have that be enough of a supplement so I don't feel punished for it.Across character interaction-- I read somewhere you were thinking about character swapping with perhaps an item and I think that would be a great way to offer deeper strategy. So, like, one character that is just great at crafting all sorts of crazy plants. Except it looks like they don't really have a purpose. But--Wh-wh-whaaaat? This other character can turn them into awesome potions and effects. Only by exploring the two characters fully would you maxamize both of them.Persistent World?--- I don't really mean that items you make with one character should remain. I think that might be a little too easy mode. Though perhaps it's something to offer for the more casual player. What I mean more is to have all your characters interacting with the same world. While it would still be easier, because the enemies and map would be the same, I like the idea of seeing evidence of what characters of yours had come before. Haunted stone pits, grave stones, mourning pig men, rusted science machines.Anyway, that's just me rambling tbh. The truth of the matter is you've got a great game even in this beta state. It's a rockin' base for a survival game and honestly has all the elements you could want. All you've got is room to add and grow because what you've got, even now, is pitch perfect survival fun :D

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Awesome feedback! We love hearing it. I don't want to get too far into details, but you have the right idea. First, Don't Starve is intended to be a difficult game (it was much much harder before) but we also want to make sure it is well balanced. You will see content come in chunks so we can level out the challenge appropriately. It's relatively difficult as a newbie, but as you progress and figure things out, the challenge eases up quite a bit, but don't count on it staying that way. There is quite a bit more to come. In terms of characters, there are a few different ideas about the characters, but the general idea is that they will change up the challenge, you may have to look at things in a different way strategies that worked before, might not work out quite as well. And, as you said, they may interact with the world in different ways than Wilson both in strengths and weaknesses.There is still quite a bit to look forward too. Keep an eye out, I will be posting sometime in the next few days some hints at what is to come!

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