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First, i have looked through other threads so sorry ahead of time if my ideas have been brought up. Call me lazy if you wish, but i dont want to go searching through pages of threads to see if my ideas have been brought up. Ill do a few but not all.

On that note my later suggestions i know have their own thread but, as lazy as i am, i dont want to go though pages to find the thread so ill post my 2 cents on here at the end. So lets start.

Better islands

By better i mean have the islands be like actual islands shapes rather than all be varied sizes of a circle.

When i first started i was eager to go around the edge of the island to find out what shape it was only to find out that they are all ROUND.

On another note have the island to... blend better i guess. I have come up on islands just just have every type of biome right next to each. It just felt bad.

Research table

Basicly a table you can take items, crafterd or not, and itll tell you exactly everything you can do with that item. Perhaps at the cost of some research points?

Alot of times i have had item that i have no clue how else to use them besides their recipes. I didnt know pine cones, twigs, boards were usable as fuel till later on when i happend to hover over the fireplace with the item. For example i dont know what to do with the stingers from bees, theres no recipes or even a wiki to help.

My 2-cent of following suggestions brought up


As much as some dont want to admit, a game like this has its limit for how long we can play it. Yes its a game that lets you play as long as you want but their will be a time where we have done everything to the point we lose interest.

So having a friend goes a long way. I know the devs said something like brandwith being to much, or something like that, but you can set it up so the players have to create and mantain their own servers.


On the thread, common suggestions i think, said it would be hard to create something with a roof to it or how they had to add another layer to the game or such. But have you guys ever considerd just having the caves be normal islands that can only be reached by entering a cave entrance that teleports you to the island that you would not be able to reach or see otherwise. But to make it feel like a cave have it so that once you reach the island/cave its basicly always dark and you have to use a torch or a lantern to see. So you can only see as far as the light goes and never beyond the edge of the island/cave.

So this way you dont have to add extra layers, or such. Could add new items like a placeable and pickable latern that needs oil to keep shining.

and sorry for the long post >.>

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Right into your suggestions I go.

I am not sure about the islands. It would be nice to see some different shapes but at the moment I think the coding is set for the islands to be circles of varying sizes? It would be nice to see some variety you are right there!

The research table? Dont worry too much about research the whole system is getting a COMPLETE over hall Soon. Look at the updates threads there should be one mentioning the new research system- Someone mentioned that its going to be coming in around Jan? I am not sure on that one.

the multiplayer- I am not a fan of the idea. I know that there are huge complications to generate a multiplayer experience. They are focusing on making the single player experience better and better before they consider making any sort of multiplayer mode. So I guess that will add to the solution of loss of interest. They are trying to add to what they call 'mid game' and 'end game'.

Caves- Thats actually the best and cleanest solution I have heard to the issue of caves..

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U know, ive never actually thought about why all the islands have to be round. Good suggestion!

Ur solution towards the cave problem does indeed sound like a plan the devs can work with. It solves alot of problems such as the roofs and the implementation of height differences in the map.

In any case there need to be more biomes at some point, be it caves, frozen tundras or hot deserts.

Regarding the research table, LadyD pretty much said it all, huge overhaul incoming etc.

A lot of things have already been said on this forum about multiplayer. I have been here for 4-5 days (cant remember exactly :o feels like much longer) and ive already spend several hours reading thru older threads and alot of them touch on multiplayer. The devs have said several times that there wont be a multiplayer. Perhaps it will become a long term project if we complain enough, but there wont be multiplayer, or even a multiplayer beta anytime Soon. It is a very common subject however, and there are several threads dedicated to multiplayer or aspects of it. Perhaps i shall see u there ;)

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Research table is not really meant to give your research points. Its meant to tell you what you can do with the item you show it. Like the stingers i have. I can show it to the table and itll tell me me how i can use it. Kinda like the guide from terraria.

Not adding multiplayer to a game with a limit would be a wrong idea. I have been playing for three days and im basicly getting bored of it already. But its the devs final say. I myself an a minecraft alpha player and i grew bored of that game a week after playing it. Only reason i come back from time to time is being able to play with friends.

Also, i do hope to see caves later on. Could have spiders, bats, and such down there. Perhaps have some better ores in caves other than gold, maybe even gems.

On the islands, another thing i would like to see is one single HUGE island with everything on it spread evenly or nicely around. Give everything that staranded on an island feeling.

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(...) have you guys ever considerd just having the caves be normal islands that can only be reached by entering a cave entrance that teleports you to the island (...)

Didn't follow too much the other thread. But your idea just meets what I would expect of it. Alot like undergrounds from warcraft 1, for the folks here who had the luxury to play it :


Having clifs goings upwards instead of clifs going into the see, it would be pretty easy to adapt. The good old cave entry from hack and slash games should be fine.

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