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  1. what some of you fail to understand is that even though its in beta and more updates are coming or that the game has not released yet. Even with more updates the game will still not add enough to get back the attention to a person who lost interest. Also, even if the game gets release it wont change the fact that even though they add new items to craft, the base game is still the same unless one of its updates changes the gameplay style in a big way. Now i enjoyed this game and got my moneys worth but i basicly got bored of this game after 12 hours or so. I basicly did everything the game had and even though new craftable items came there was still not that much of a change. Now mulitiplayer would go a long way to help, it would be a mistake in the devs part to think this game will last very long on single player alone. But i wont talk about mulitiplayer becuase its already been talked about enough.
  2. theres two things i want to note, didnt think much of them at the time, that might be bugs. 1) The animal traps, the ones for the rabbits, some how are traping birds. I dont mean every now or then, i basicly catch about two or three birds for every rabbit with a normal trap. I dont even use bait and the birds seem to auto land on them all the time. I basicly dont even need the bird cage anymore. 2) Sometimes when i catch something with the traps i hit space bar to get it. But if i do it like that i get noting besides my trap back, sometimes not even that. P.S. i put this reply here instead of the bugs section because maybe they got fixed. Didnt fully read all the other replys.
  3. Yeah i know some dont mind it like me. But its one of those things that would be nice to have. Its basicly one of those things thats there if you want it and if you dont then dont worry about it.
  4. Well after a bit of more thinking. Both the Left and Bottom menus can have a little clickable loacated like in the middle, outside parts. Once you click on them the menus disapper and get replaced with a single icon small icon that you can then click to bring them back. Same with the backpack. The HP and Food icons can be hidden and replaced with numbers instead of an icon, which you can reclick on to put the icon back. The little clock thing on the top right and RP in the top middle can be the only things that are fixed.
  5. First off i did not search to see if this idea has been brought up. Mostly cause i do not know what keywords to use. Secondly because im not going to search through every thread and/or reply to see if it has. So heres lm idea. Show/Hide button for all icons on screen So i was playing the new update today and after some time i started to think to myself. What if i could hide the icons/menus on my screen. It would allow me to see more, given its a very very small amount. But i often had to move a little bit to click on items that were being covered up by the menus and such. So basicly to just have a button that you could click to Show/Hide the menus on your screen. Such as your Food/HP, Inventory, Craft menu, and the newly added backpack menu (which takes up a bit of space). Yes i know alot of you dont mind them, i being one of them, but it would not hurt to have it.
  6. I came accrose my first hound(s) around day 5-7. I had my spear already equipped then i just ran around until only one of them was caming at me. After i manged that i just ran up to it and started attacking as fast as i could. It got two or one yet on me before it died. I had my backpack equiped at the time, or mybe a log suit at around 35%.
  7. I like this idea. I am the same with the farms. I dont even bother to use the lower teir ones. By the time i want to use i farm i can already build the turbo ones. So i would not mind this being made and put into the game.
  8. Most people refuse or forget to look for things, such as if an idea like theirs has been brought up. I being one of them. But regardless ill give my 2 cents. I believe some form of being able to play with yoru friends is one thing this game needs, and none of that crap of challengeing your friend to survive longer or do better etc. Also none of this that some of you think this is a survival game where your suppose to be alone. But many people do not see or refuse to admit that this is one of those games that is hugely interseting and everyone is talking about it and ends up going to where the player has done everything, or near everything, to be done on the game to were the game no longer is interseting and Soon near none play it.
  9. I like your ideas, they seem resonable and all. I wish that the farms could produce more than one crop, several in fact. this could make it so they only grow in proper season. and on a side note i believe seasons have been suggested before.
  10. I suggest much the same thing, but mine made it so they did not have to add a second layer to the game which i believe thats was the reason why the devs were not doing it. Basicly on my the caves and such are noting more than islands created outside of reach and sight on the same layer as you. The only way to reach them is to go to the cave entrace which will then teleport you to the island/cave. Same for an other underground type places.
  11. Never played that game but as long as we have more to explore it would be awsome.
  12. I would not mind being able to trave faster. Just not on things like karts and such. Perhaps more along the lines of a bike or mounts like the tall bird, hounds and such. I gave a suggestion on my first thread on how to make things like caves work without having to make extra levels or such. The ones that commented on it seemed to have liked it.
  13. Research table is not really meant to give your research points. Its meant to tell you what you can do with the item you show it. Like the stingers i have. I can show it to the table and itll tell me me how i can use it. Kinda like the guide from terraria. Not adding multiplayer to a game with a limit would be a wrong idea. I have been playing for three days and im basicly getting bored of it already. But its the devs final say. I myself an a minecraft alpha player and i grew bored of that game a week after playing it. Only reason i come back from time to time is being able to play with friends. Also, i do hope to see caves later on. Could have spiders, bats, and such down there. Perhaps have some better ores in caves other than gold, maybe even gems. On the islands, another thing i would like to see is one single HUGE island with everything on it spread evenly or nicely around. Give everything that staranded on an island feeling.
  14. First, i have looked through other threads so sorry ahead of time if my ideas have been brought up. Call me lazy if you wish, but i dont want to go searching through pages of threads to see if my ideas have been brought up. Ill do a few but not all. On that note my later suggestions i know have their own thread but, as lazy as i am, i dont want to go though pages to find the thread so ill post my 2 cents on here at the end. So lets start. Better islands By better i mean have the islands be like actual islands shapes rather than all be varied sizes of a circle. When i first started i was eager to go around the edge of the island to find out what shape it was only to find out that they are all ROUND. On another note have the island to... blend better i guess. I have come up on islands just just have every type of biome right next to each. It just felt bad. Research table Basicly a table you can take items, crafterd or not, and itll tell you exactly everything you can do with that item. Perhaps at the cost of some research points? Alot of times i have had item that i have no clue how else to use them besides their recipes. I didnt know pine cones, twigs, boards were usable as fuel till later on when i happend to hover over the fireplace with the item. For example i dont know what to do with the stingers from bees, theres no recipes or even a wiki to help. My 2-cent of following suggestions brought up Multiplayer As much as some dont want to admit, a game like this has its limit for how long we can play it. Yes its a game that lets you play as long as you want but their will be a time where we have done everything to the point we lose interest. So having a friend goes a long way. I know the devs said something like brandwith being to much, or something like that, but you can set it up so the players have to create and mantain their own servers. Caves On the thread, common suggestions i think, said it would be hard to create something with a roof to it or how they had to add another layer to the game or such. But have you guys ever considerd just having the caves be normal islands that can only be reached by entering a cave entrance that teleports you to the island that you would not be able to reach or see otherwise. But to make it feel like a cave have it so that once you reach the island/cave its basicly always dark and you have to use a torch or a lantern to see. So you can only see as far as the light goes and never beyond the edge of the island/cave. So this way you dont have to add extra layers, or such. Could add new items like a placeable and pickable latern that needs oil to keep shining. and sorry for the long post >.>