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I've made a bad mistake

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Well, i wrote my email wrong. I used paypal to pay. I was too excited so i wrote hotmail instead of gmail. Soo, yeah.

Can i get my game back? Please? :confused:

Edit: I cant see the game in my paypal accounts hotmail neither my gmail that i supposed to type.

Nor my other gmail that i could write in. I cant see any emails in POP or junk folders.

Edit 2: I cant find it in my steam.

So i hope that somebody can help me.

Edit 3: Maybe somebody who is nice can gift me a code? Maybe?

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Hey there,

I checked the email address you used here on the forum, changed it to hotmail and found your purchase. I changed it to gmail, and resent the message. If you have any further issue with your account, just contact us here and we will do what we can to help you out!

Thanks Toaster Fu

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