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Wrench ( character idea )


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Name: Wrench the small army man

Look: Wrench has a brown buzz cut, blue eyes and stubles of beard hair on his face

special thing: Wrench starts off with a tiny knife from the army only he can build

it deals a fair amount of damage and it loses 2 duribility per hit

Bronze and silver: only Wrench can find silver in certain rocks bronze spawns 50 % of the time in rocks

Beefalo horns: Beffalo horns which can be found when killing a beefalo or cutting it off at night

Wrenchs Knife: only made from 2 silver a rope and a piece of wood every hit minuses duribility by 2 unless instead of wood you put a beefalo horn and then its 1 duribility per hit

thank you for reading this :p

Wrong Fourm

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Both knife and pistol are pretty OP i think. Animal that can only he kill is kind of imbalanced aswell. But maybe if he just instead of a spear will have some kind of knife that will be little bit more strong than a casual weapon.. it would be ok :)

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Maybe, he could have shoes that make him faster, since most of the specials are passive, and shoes have an effect on the running process. Also not sure why a soldier would run faster wouldn't he be an athlete?

Maybe a soldier would have more fortitude a daily returning resistance that protects him from a hit or two before his health takes damage...

Also, Wrench feels like a name for an engineer, a guy who gets a buff on unlocking things in research and builds items faster. Not a soldier or a an athlete.

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I'm not liking some of these character ideas either. I don't think higher tier resources (such as the silver ore) should only be available to one character, something like that should be available to all of the characters as it would surely be used in creating other items if it were to be added into the game. I'm ok with Wilson having his beard hair as a character exclusive item in the game, but with the comment "only Wrench can find silver", I think that is going a little too far.

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Again, scratch the knife no other character gets a special item. Make it an ability like the fortitude I suggested or something else. You're forcing this character you're trying to create to not gel by making him the only one who gets an item no other character can have. Well I guess Wilson has beard hair but that's something he can't do for some time and the effigy works on any character you may be playing after Wilson builds it. What about the knife if I take it and put it in a chest then switch to Wilson now he can have it?

Maybe if there is ever a point where you can unlock some characters only while in game. Meaning you couldn't start a game with the soldier but 40 days in you could unlock and tent into him. Then I guess I could stand the knife being his ability. Otherwise there is no balance to this character.

I really like the idea of a soldier who has a knack for survival he just needs something else to make him stand apart.

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