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Wolfgang's Tale

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Some time ago, a boy was born on a farm in Russia. He was named Wolfgang. From his birth, it was obvious he would grow up to be great and strong. He started working on the farm when he was only 8, and his stunning strength aided his sickly father greatly. Life seemed like it would go on that way forever...but all good things must end. Wolfgang's father died, leaving Wolfgang's mother broken with sadness and Wolfgang a whole farm to keep. He did his job well, but his family was quickly plunging into debt.In a desperate move, Wolfgang's mother sold the family farm. Inspired by a man he had seen at a circus, Wolfgang started a show, showing off his strength for money. It proved to be a great success, and hundreds of people came to watch Wolfgang the Wondrous lifting steel like it was nothing.But the world was changing. With the invention of the steam motor, no longer was great strength needed to push the plow or swing the scythe. Wolfgang continued his show, but could not ignore the dwindling amount of visitors. Day by day, less people came, and the applause of those who did was as empty as Wolfgang's pockets.One day, Wolfgang tried his hardest to get the audience to enjoy his show. He made an attempt to lift the one weight he had never carried. While he failed, he gave off all his strength. But for all his effort, the one man who came laughed at his face. Wolfgang went into a rage, and soon after, he wept over the man's body.The following day, Wolfgang brought his biggest dumbbell and a chain to the side of a lake. Forty feet to the bottom, and this was the one weight he had never managed to lift. He tied the chain to the dumbbell, then tied the other end of the chain to his leg. He then shoved the dumbbell into the water.Wolfgang's life flashed before his eyes, and then he realized what a terrible mistake he had made. He tried desperately to untie the chain, but it was too late. Wolfgang's vision went black, and the lake took him.Could this be the end? He was dry, but the sound of dripping water echoed around him. It was dim, and stank of seawater. It was a cave. As Wolfgang's vision returned to normal, he spotted a slim, suited man who was abnormally tall. This man walked towards Wolfgang, who then saw it was the same man he had attacked. The tall man took a cigar out of his mouse and said, "Hey, pal. Quite a show of bravery there, eh? Well, I've given ya a second chance. In a place where your strength can be appreciated by everyone! Just walk outta this cave, pal, and you'll have the time of your life! Just be careful for my lady friend, heh-she bites."The man then vanished, leaving Wolfgang in a vast wilderness with no sign of civilization. Wolfgang looked at it all for a moment; and he then headed out to redeem himself for what he had done.Fin.

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Very believable backstory for Wolfgang! I like how you tied elements of the Industrial Revolution in there, too, since it seems the real world in the game takes place in the 1900s. And I feel so sorry for Wolfgang toward the end. At least he feels he has a reason to keep on living :)

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I like that it was Maxwell's actions that were "the straw that broke the camel's back". Poor Wolfgang even drowns himself... This backstory is pretty similar with my own little theory about Wolfgang( not long time ago I read about one person, he and Wolfgang looked very alike, so I was really suprised). After reading this story, I think I might be right...but I'm too lazy for making my own thread about this. Damn.

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