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  1. All will be Wes. In the still silence of the night, all will be asmimelated.
  2. And that's pretty much what had happened to me (notice how late I am at quoting this). And will continue to happen til the end of the month. Yes, this is the obligatory "I'm sorta back but not really, but I'm alive and there won't be a second instance of leaving the forums, hopefully" post. [insert obligatory creepy thing here, because I care about upholding my image]
  3. Makes me think about Freakazoid for some reason. Guess I should go hang out with CJ. And ask for some rope. I do need some for tomorrow. Thanks!
  4. Moneybags guarding the exit to the surface, promising to let William through for a small sum of 300 gems? Or, alternately, the entrance to the Ruins.
  5. I graciously grant you my permission to hang this atrocious abomination on any wall you want.
  6. I see a target, I taint. (Don't ever) Stop being an easy target.
  7. "Ladies, you are both beautiful. Now stop bickering."
  8. I still think that your art skills eclipse mine. Greatly. I mean, what can I do besides tainting other people's work?
  9. She just can't understand that others aren't human torches like her.