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  1. Has anybody else gotten some sort of note from the birds in the game? I got one that said "8 (-2, 20)." Could anybody please tell me what that means?
  2. Puzzle Thread

    Yeah, why is that?
  3. Puzzle Thread

    Funny, I actually posted an idea about a potential DS animated movie ^^ With Broadway legend Ramin Karimloo as the voice of Wilson! http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/topic/22722-dont-starve-animated-film/?hl=%2Banimated+%2Bfilm
  4. Why is everyone assuming that this is the final update for DS? Klei promised they'd add more challenges like how to escape the throne after you beat Adventure Mode, or unlocking new characters like Wilton or Wortox! I hope they really don't leave them incomplete, especially not Adventure Mode :<
  5. I suspect Charlie was Maxwell assistant, and then he convinced her to run away with him together into this new dimension, under the guise that they'd live happily ever after.
  6. Yeah, it's sad this project never got finished :< I hope it's not too late
  7. *singing* This bird is on firrrrrrre, this bird is on firrrrrre! *shoot self*Seriously, though, keep up the awesome work! I always loved how you nail the art style and personalities of the characters P.S. I have a Deviantart account as RaltheCommentator ^^
  8. XDDD That one's probably my favorite! I think good DS Internet Memes should stem from actual funny moments from the game, not necessarily questioning the logic in it. (This is coming from an industry that has icons likes 2 superhero plumbers and a blue hedgehog XP )
  9. REAL Mandrake Soup Recipe - *VIDEO*

    Could you make recipes like the Froggie Bunwhich or the Honey Ham? ^^
  10. Creating your own character

    How would you recommend making your own characters for a Mac? All those apps you mentioned are only for PC.
  11. Where in the Caves can you find the yellow gems? I've done quite a bit of spelunking and mining stalagmites, and haven't found one. Are they randomly generated? Do they fall during an underground earthquake?
  12. I noticed you got rid of the exploit in the game where you could build a tent, hammer it, and get the same amount of spider silk back. Now you only get one. Kinda disappointing, but it is an "uncompromising" wilderness, I guess. XP
  13. College lectures in a nutshell, except my professor's aren't quite as awesome XP
  14. TrebleStudios-Don't Starve Fan Art

    Looks more like he's rolling his eyes to me XP
  15. TrebleStudios-Don't Starve Fan Art

    The art or the fanfiction? Or both? XP