Different foods affect different characters differently

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Some characters should gain a bonus towards eating certain foods, if their hunger level is normal.

If it's low, there should be a universal bonus to food.

There should also be certain allergic reactions to foods, or at the very least, have the character simply refuse to eat a type of food unless that character is starving.

This could lead to further create variations in characters. Or not.

or have different metabolism rate. i.e. one character's hunger level decreases faster, but has increased hp or hp regen, and others have decreased hp regen, but hunger decreases at a slower rate.

Of course, this would be unbalanced, as I see having a slower hunger rate would be more beneficial than hp regen. So, maybe introduce a stamina bar, for [daily] actions, similar to harvest moon?

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a decreased hunger rate would be specialy benefitial compared to hp regen, since there is no hp regen...

besides, while the general idea is not too bad, I think stuff like that is more something for "playermade goals", like a "vegetarian run" or a "carnivore run", a "no crock pot run" and the like. Forcing different kinds of food to different characters seems not really enjoyable to me. On the other hand, now that we have the full list of planned character names, and one is abviously a robot, I guess we will have at least one character that needs a certain type of food! *coughimplementWx78cough*

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Give each character a preferred choice of food that grants bonuses, no penalties since this is for uniqueness.

Winston - He is a genius scientist in his description, so he likes foods made from the crock pot I am guessing.

Willow - A pyromaniac, so in a sense food that are cooked on a campfire? But that applies to a ton of foods.

Wendy - Ghost whisperer, so maybe she prefers food 'raw'?

At this point it's very hard to gauge specific tastes that they like until the devs adds more to their personality...

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