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  1. As I said... The effort needed is only seen as an annoyance because you expect some average lua programmer to create a mp mod in a single night.For a modder to make one, will require months of dedication and a team to tackle the project... Then again... lua seems like a solo scripting language to most programmers, and most would rather use a more powerful language than that.You could have someone enable a functionality so the lua code runs a import of java codes or the likes, so to speak.Possibly a multiplayer library built on top of the game to make features possible?
  2. The funny thing is that, at times people underestimate the game programming, thinking that its impossible to change it to utilize a small network plugin that just does hello world to the person it connects to...we are even using mods that can override the game's programming too so I'd suggest modders to experiment with game ideas from outside the box a bit more... currently modders edit and insert small contents but I've yet to see someone even prototype a "chat box" into it for local testing...
  3. the only multiplayer I would think can work is if there's a mod that overhauls the game into two game modes.maxwell mode - you play as a demon and influence the biome by controlling minions in a RTS style. you can only control chess pieces and move them on the chessboard terrain. you can expand the terrain bit by bit.you have a machine you protect and you can spawn minions out of it. you also have abilities to manipulate the world... but it cost you points. you gain income every day and from activities you do... like creating evil flower circles, etc.your income increases as you place more into the world... but Wilson can abuse it.Wilson mode is the regular playing style. except you survive against the opponent. line of sight and fog of war becomes ideal as Maxwell cannot see exactly where you are.when using minions... maxwell is its own faction. other creatures are hostile to them.the only issue I see is that the game would last forever between 2 players.its more like a single player with a maxwell meta game on a browser... you do strategic turn based meta game on someone's single player game...invasion mode anyone? (Like demons' soul)
  4. I was 'this' close to consider that Kevin and co were turning to the dark side a wee bit since several updates ago.#1 Golden rule of moral game development. Never **** with a gamer's "Accessibility" to the gameplay.The 24 hour lockout was the prime reason I started hating WarZ. There were tons of possible options to look at, but they stuck with the most inaccessible one.Oh guess what #2 is?#2 Never profit off of a gamer's inaccessibility.They started charging for quick respawns.Mabinogi was one thing with the premium and Nao Soul Stones (respawn on spot with full stats and bless all items, no exp loss), typically because you can revive on spot if it's in the game world, revive at town or checkpoint if its in dungeon (with small exp loss). It's not like Mabinogi is ***** you over by saying "Nope you cannot revive for 24 hours".I feel bad for those who 'pre-ordered' the game for 30 dollars for instant access to the alpha, only for it to appear on steam for 15 dollars.Those on steam can get a refund, there's a support ticket for that, but for their official forums... Eh I think they took off with the money.They originally seemed nice and honest about their progress, but things turned for the worse, maybe because the devs are bugged by their 'investors' to make them money faster?http://kotaku.com/5969663/warz-gets-suspicious-microtransactions-just-as-it-hits-the-top-of-steams-chartsQuick revive? More like quick money loss.Snipers rules the looting ground and dying and using quicker revive to run back to those spots results in quicker deaths again. Since on normal mode you may lose items, you may not be able to fight such enemies also.
  5. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2022310/zombie-mmo-the-war-z-removed-from-steam-accused-of-fraud.html Sergey Titov... You guys are lucky your devs on this forum aren't like him.
  6. *facepalm* The more and more you guys keeps wanting to punish the player for doing anything, the more offtrack everyone will be with the main objective of survival. It stops becoming survival and more of player harassment. What punish players for breathing too much over the course of day with waves of hounds? There is a fine line between challenging yourself, and being forced to be 'challenged' by the game itself. See to produce content as a means to contradict a player's progress repetitively would only constrain the game's uniqueness and creativity. I understand balance is a issue, but to threaten the player every time something may be imbalance can break the game much more easily than a player boring themselves with grinding. You want to make the player want to challenge themselves and reward them for it, not send random stuff their way and expect them to get on top of it like it's a tower defense game. Make them want explore the game world as a challenge, make them want take on things as a challenge. But not force them to defend themselves for every little basic needs. Actually at this point I see this from a psychological view... The developers seems to fear the player being imbalanced or overpowered. Keep this up... And you guys are doing no different to runescape where they add in random events to piss off players who grind, for the excuse of that is to combat botting, which is possibly a psychological reaction to players 'exploiting the system'.
  7. Not really, this game is not even about realism survival so to hell with that then (literally as you survive in a non-realistic world).
  8. In the older builds i ended up with two islands that's linked and there were only enough rocks for 2 firepits. Literally. After that, no more boulders in the game. At all.
  9. It is because there are people who aren't satisfied with some of the content that the development will never work out properly at this point. I can tell that it will end up going off track for a LOOOONG time. Ever since the update with the hounds, I stopped bothering to play this game as it lost it's appeal. Probably because the development is more on trying to balance and deter players from being powerful that it can't do much else? I sometimes notice a trend where developers taking their community and players too seriously ends up derailing their game's development. Oh gee look at Salem and see how that turned out. In effect, games are suppose to be developed for the sake of the developer with as little intervention from the community as possible, as a form of art to be expressed to the player. The more you try to cater to everyone, or even acknowledge everyone's view, the more likely you end up watering down the development. So yeah, it's true that some companies have a 'tough love' motto to their communities. Minecraft gave everyone a sole reason to be overpowered but they didn't simply add more features to attempt to get a jab a the players... To make them morally affected in any case. The moment they announced a moral system for a enemy that spawns I lost some appeal in this game too.
  10. The thing is, a 'rock' island does not always exist in random generation. Generation does not determine if x amount of resources are there, sometimes you may get barely 3 piles of rocks in a isolated island.
  11. Don't be. At least you aren't buying 6 THQ games steam keys for 1 dollar and buying a HUGE batch of it and waiting till the deal is over to distribute keys in exchange for cash or something similar. Heck, a working steam key with 6 freaking games on it, to be used as a bargaining chip somewhere on the internet? If it's possible for someone to do, I'm pretty sure someone is hoarding keys somewhere on the internet. Or you could grab 100 dollars worth of 1$ key and use them in a contest thing to make a site popular and offer the keys as a reward. O_o Commercialism of something that's given out for cheap.
  12. Hounds needs to have territories of which they chase you and when they hunt, like spiders, but active during the day instead of night. This makes them like a daytime equivalent of danger, except unlike werepigs they are more aggressive and chases you longer. Hounds are actually frail for their speed, they can outrun you yes, but they can't handle a single spear strike. The biggest threat is when a group of them lunges though so you can't spear all 3 within a few second. During the night they can sleep in their little nest where you literally see 'zzZZ's appear in the dark, but they also are EASILY woken when you approach too close, chop a tree too close, or approach with a torch. Hounds needs a weakness, fire. They should fear it so at night if they do try to approach you, they will avoid getting to close to fire, when you make it the largest that is. A tree on fire will seriously scare all hounds away from it. A campfire on the 2nd largest and high flames will scare them away. Maybe once you have a torch you can equip it and try to shoo off hounds by hitting them with it, they will try to avoid rushing you and end up taking turns trying to lunge at you. When fire is nearby they will change their 'attack on sight' to 'caution' state.
  13. This month the humble bundles are getting interesting. You have THQ willing to give up sales to put SIX games for a minimum of 1 dollar steam key charity sale. 5.70+ for the saints row the third to be added in it. The thing is that Saints Row count as a separate key, the 6 games under that are bundled into one steam key so you can't distribute the games individually. Dunno if links are allowed but you can simply google it. Also you have 11 days left from this post on this date to get it if you are interested.
  14. Well since maxwell the demon threw these people into a world unknown, technically it could be a world of their own versions purgatory. Wendy's world is spiritual. Wilson's world is technical. Wendy's world is naturalism. Wolfgang's world is physicality.