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Newbie Questions

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Hi all. I just purchased this game yesterday, and had a lot of questions that I was hoping people could help answer.

1) Is there an objective to the game besides wake up, forage for food / supplies, survive the night?

2) What are flowers good for?

3) What is the best (early game) way to get research points? I am currently farming spiders, and using cooked monster meat for 7 points each.

4) What are the items I should be researching first?

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Hey there, welcome to the club, now onto your questions.

1: Your basic objective is to survive as long as you can. The rest is completely up to you, you can try to build everything, make all the hats, try to kill everything in the world, it is all up to you.

2: You can eat flowers and regenerate a tiny bit of health, you can give them to pigs to get manure and if I remember correctly, you can also use them as fuel for a fire.

3: Refined materials are a decent way for research points. Gold is decent too, but that has become rather rare. I personally find stealing eggs from tallbirds an easy source of points (80 points per egg). You can also dig up graves and research the items in the graves (also 80 points each).

4: Most players tend to start with researching the refined materials because they are needed for the more advanced structures. I usually research the logsuit and spear after researching the refined materials, since you need to defensive and offensive power.

Have fun

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Also if you find a pig king give him the grave items because he will give you about 5 golds which are 30 research points each :D And don't use up too much of ur cooked meat for research cus its not really worth it and personally cooked meat is my most prized possession hahaha

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About Research Points: 20 RP can be earned for each Berry, Sapling or Grass plant sacrificed. Just make a shovel and start digging. Every shovel is capable of digging 25 plants before broking, meaning 25x20=500 RP. If you care about ruined landscape - all unlocked techs and RP will be saved if you start a new game. So you can just start, build a Science Machine, sacrifice everything you see, then start new game and enjoy gameplay.

About First Tech needed: I recommend research Spear (because it's the only weapon capable hitting enemies about 200 times before broking) and Logsuit (because it's the only armor and since most of enemies will kill you in one-two hits - it's ultimatively useful in survival). Plus you will need almost all advanced materials - Rope, Boards and Cut Stone. After that you can reseach everything you like.

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