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Not at this stage in the game. Gnomes, along with every other item found in a grave is just meant to be fed into either the science or alchemy machines for research points. Lots of points.

Don't forget about giving em to the pig king for gold :p Once you researched everything that's the only permanent use.
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1) I would just say that it should be a difficult choice for where to have your "Main Base" and if you want to have a secondary home to bounce between should be more desirable than completely abandoning an area. 2) Farms are reusable for 5-6 times before requiring manure. If you had add manure after planting a seed, that speeds up the process but the farm still "detiorates."3) Above posters got it! Park a campfire next to a spiders nest. Also, hounds tend to attack me at night for some reason.4) This would make it more difficult for early game, not so much for people that have a lot of resources to make traps.5) There could be something that make a pig eternally friendly to you. It's nice to think there are at least one of them you can trust forever. Like giving a "frienship" hat to them (that is hard to make and is destroyed if the pig dies) *I like this!*6) Fences would be awesome. No gates or it would be far too easy. *Also awesome*7) Curral. Beefalos don't stop moving around. It would be easier to grown crops and control them. **8) Not sure I get this one. Bird cages and bird traps exist!9) Not my cup of tea, apologies.10) This isn't so bad. Perhaps a 25% chance that the gnome leads you into an ambush of werepigs after a few times for stealing his stuff!11) Full moon!

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