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  1. What if there was a mechanic that would check a chest for multiple bunnies, and after a few days one bunny "mysteriously" dissapeared?It would explain why the other bunnies did not die....
  2. Morsel of meat plus berries/carrots produces meatballs that heal for ~65 hunger (which, btw, is HUGE)If you live near a pig village with several berry farms, you can make fistfulls of jam. FISTFULLS.
  3. HOLY PILES OF WERE-PIG FLOWER POOP this looks amazing.Really though, very very interesting items being added!!
  4. Don't Starve Roadmap

    I think we both can see where you may have gone wrong here Regarding the sticky, I like this news and think things are going well. Except hounds.
  5. Don't reinforce stereotypes, Foxbrook is entitled to their opinion.I feel like the only way to make everyone happy is to seriously beef up the capabilities of the (AWESOME) settings menu. Allow us to change the general shape of the map to be generated, spider difficulty, amount of mandrakes, sanity, extra bag slot, all of that!
  6. I just can't agree with giving the deerclops unbridled power.Personally, I would be okay with it saving the game, and then making you exit to Menus.You just gotta draw the line somewhere...
  7. I get that this game is supposed to be difficult, but I just can't understand the insane level of difficult that is being added in tomorrow's update.Don't get me wrong, Winter is great, freezing is fine, yada yada.But giving the Deerclops the ability to crash the game? I mean... come ON!
  8. Night Hand

    Remember, if the hand lands on top of you it will teleport you back to the beginning of the day and all your progress will be lost.The trick is to look for the shadow under your feet, it will get bigger as the hand gets closer!
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Infinite Uses - Bug Net Steps to reproduce 1. Bug net 2. Space bar near bug 3. Repeat 2 ad infinitum Describe your issue I have a bug net at 10% "Use health." I have used this net to capture 10 or so bees and 10-15 butterflies. I do not believe this requires a net at a specific Use health, as I only discovered the bug when I saw I had 6 butterflies and 5 uses left. The secret appears to be to press the space bar to use the bug net near a bug. When fixing this bug, please also fix the bug that used 10% of the bug net health per use (Not a bug, I know) All the best! Edit: I did search the forum for "bug net," this bug has been reported. Apologies!!
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71378 Issue title Caged Bird Eats Stack of Seeds Steps to reproduce -Produce a stackof 15+ Pumpkin Seeds -Feed a Caged Redbird a seed -While it is eating, change weapons Describe your issue This issue has happened at least twice for me, both times with a stack of pumpkin seeds. The first time I thought it was a random glitch, the second time I have several theories. I was unable to reproduce the issue. However, from memory, here is what happened: Left-clicked stack of pumpkin seeds onto caged Redbird. While the bird was chewing, I noticed I had the shovel equipped and decided to switch it out for an axe to remove green square. I clicked the axe with the seeds to select the axe and then clicked the weapon slot with the axe. At this point, I noticed the seeds had dissapeared. Now, I cannot actually say if it was the bird that ate the seeds, or if I just stumbled onto an unrelated bug with moving things from a krampus bag into the weapon slot. Best of luck fixing this one! It was a bummer to lose the seeds, they aren't easy to come by
  11. I can confirm this bug as existing a week or so ago.
  12. Day 100+ hound to crazy!

    I would like to add that Tooth Traps are bugged: when you zone in, they will not work. You need to pick them up and place them over again.That might clear up some of the confusion!
  13. Some Suggestions

    Ah, good call. My mistake
  14. Some Suggestions

    1) I would just say that it should be a difficult choice for where to have your "Main Base" and if you want to have a secondary home to bounce between should be more desirable than completely abandoning an area. 2) Farms are reusable for 5-6 times before requiring manure. If you had add manure after planting a seed, that speeds up the process but the farm still "detiorates."3) Above posters got it! Park a campfire next to a spiders nest. Also, hounds tend to attack me at night for some reason.4) This would make it more difficult for early game, not so much for people that have a lot of resources to make traps.5) There could be something that make a pig eternally friendly to you. It's nice to think there are at least one of them you can trust forever. Like giving a "frienship" hat to them (that is hard to make and is destroyed if the pig dies) *I like this!*6) Fences would be awesome. No gates or it would be far too easy. *Also awesome*7) Curral. Beefalos don't stop moving around. It would be easier to grown crops and control them. **8) Not sure I get this one. Bird cages and bird traps exist!9) Not my cup of tea, apologies.10) This isn't so bad. Perhaps a 25% chance that the gnome leads you into an ambush of werepigs after a few times for stealing his stuff!11) Full moon!
  15. I had a fire hound ignite right next a beehive and not burn it down. By the same token, I've lost 40 bushes to a fire hound. And once because I had that pyronamiac Willow. Little arsonist..