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My budget is low. I'm looking for comments.

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ASRock B560M-HDV/M.2 Intel B560 socket 1200 DDR4 4000MHz
G.Skill 8 GB (1x8GB) Ripjaws V Black DDR4 3600MHz CL18 1.35v Single RAM

Intel Core i3 10100F socket 1200 10.gen 3.60GHz 6MB cache 14nm cpu.

Grapchics Cards (isbad) 2GB Galaxy 740 Slim OC (ihave)

I purchased the above System. Can I play ONI without any problems? I had to take a break from the game at 1400 cycles.


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You should be able to play the classic game without any problems, as in achieve the victory conditions without the game getting too bogged down anyway.

As for Spaced Out, eh, a 10th gen i3 is going to struggle a bit but it also won't be horrible. I played Spaced Out with a 4th gen i5 which is probably 30% slower than that i3, and well, I could play it, but it also bogged down enough that it pushed me to upgrade.

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6 hours ago, gabberworld said:

there fill be always a lag, but it depends how long you play the cycles

I couldn't play the game fast. I thought my computer's RAM mhz and cpu were insufficient.
The game is nice and fluid now. I'm at 3700 loops- and 7 Astroids are open. I can play at 3x speed.

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1 hour ago, melquiades said:

Bu konuda uzman değilim ama genel olarak 2 adet belleğe sahip olmanın sisteminiz için daha iyi olacağını düşünüyorum.

I thought the same thing. I bought another ram to make it even better. It will probably be delivered on Monday. The weekend problem.


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