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Polluted water de-germer design proposal (Abandoned)

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Ignore this post, I have abandoned this design, thanx for all the great comments.


Hi all, looking for thoughts on my current polluted water de-germer design.  Also any problems, etc, you can think off.  I know you can build a smaller one with germ sensors, but with my playstyle I take a while to get to plastic.

For clarification, the circuit is set up so that the 'current' tank is full and holding germed water in the chlorine environment to kill germs, while the previous tank is draining and then next tank is filling.  As soon as the 'next' tank is full, it will switch over to that one as the 'current tank' and repeat.  It will cycle through all 3 tanks like this continuously.  Essentially, each tank at minimum will spend at least one rotation undisturbed in the chlorine environment, which should be enough time to kill any amount of germs possible.


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this seems extremely over complicated.... just fill the space with chlorine, have two or 3 tanks hooked up sequentially (one empties where other is full).... just DO NOT use liquid bridges- there is a 'bug' in this 'feature' where if you have a water bridge across a pipe, pipe is no longer 'surrounded by gas' and wont disinfect the liquid inside

btw- why is this still in the game? its the most abused exploit, we should have a building that does it by now... but yeh critter fountain (w/e it is) was very much needed

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20 minutes ago, devblazer said:

Requires plastic though

plastic you get fairly early on with some dreckos... the method i described doesn't need it if you want a fully auto set up very early on, you can make that as soon as you get basic logic gates and shut off valve

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3 minutes ago, Saturnus said:

There's mods for that but in the base game, yeah, completely redundant to disinfect your water supply.

Doesn't mean we didn't perfect the technique years ago when germs actually did matter.

I hope Klei will do something about this...

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You were on the right track.  I made a video about a similar build; the dGerm.

It used to be that this was the best way to kill germs, but it's so much easier with radiation now.  Radiation Lamps can kill a lot of germs with just a little uranium ore.

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