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Statue sketchbook?

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Something of a container to hold all the statue prints, maybe having a sort of pedestal like how theatre has one for it's plays we could maybe have also one we could build next to all the potters wheels nearby within some circle range? Stick the sketches into that book and put on a display pedestal allowing you craft all the statues that are within. It really feels out of hand to just keep sticking each one of those individually into potter's wheels then needing to hammer it to return all of them each time, sorting it all, having to need more inventory despite those sketches are probably no bigger than the actual single papyrus they're made of.

I beg I beg I beg for this problem to be solved. Either just remove all the prints entirely and have boss kills save you statue inspiration or idk. Some form of change is needed for how many prints the game now has, not only from bosses but also the event ones!

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And not just the sketches, the blueprints are also annoying. They could use the mechanic of the archives to scan the area after a boss is killed, and only drop a sketch and blueprint if there's a player that sill needs to learn them. And for that to work, just let us learn the sketches just like blueprints, so we can use them anywhere, bc right now the whole system is pretty annoying to use. I mean, look at the nightmare werepig, his drops are mostly just a bunch of blueprints.

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