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How to improve the usage rate of Drillcone?

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Uranium is the one i go get regularly, but currently I have enough for more than 6000 cycles. And before the latest patch i seldom went to get bleachstone and/or liquid chlorine.

Though i wouldn't change the rate in which one consumes resources, mostly because gathering without being able to fully automate the task becomes really annoying after a while, i do it whenever i remember i haven't done it (not very often), but now i can automate the trips to collect resources completely with a mod.

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You can play seeds that don`t have much resources like this one:

Some of the cluster starts have limited resources as well. I remember running out of ore on one of the swamp starts as the planetoid was pretty tiny. Still other planetoids had enough stuff on them to help withthat. There are also meteors.

So i guess if you want to use the drillcone a lot you need a really poor starting seed, no teleporters and no meteors.

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drillcone is already amazing, no need to improve. if you use radbolts to make diamonds then you're really trading barely anything for a million different sorts of resources. Drillcone is a massive part of my endgame nearly every time because it's such a good answer to so many things with regards to sustainability. The problem is not with the drillcone itself, but just the culture in the community might not be aware of the drillcone

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I use it a lot to get tungsten and wolframite when I get to the tungsten economy stage. The Glimmering Asteroid Cluster gives the best yield of useful materials of any of the space POIs. A single mining mission with a hydrogen engine, small solid module, and small liquid module can get me 9T of wolframite and a bit of coal to drop off at a young colony, and then 4T of liquid tungsten to feed through a steam room + cooling pond back home. Or just bring it all home and whip up 6T each of niobium and thermium for a trailblazing mission. Even after I get a tungsten volcano tamed the raw tonnage of wolframite ore is handy for building or replacing miles of conveyor belts.

The Space Debris is also useful as a source of refined copper, iron ore, and effort-free glass.

Along with a lovely commemorative mug (some de-crusting required).

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6 hours ago, VitaCoke said:

I'm aware of the drillcone. I use the drillcone and I make use of the drillcone. I play without annoying meteors, So I get my own resource from space. 

it don´t need do be changed.


The game does not force players to use tungsten

3 hours ago, asurendra said:

Well, drillcone problem is that it accessible only in lategame, and in lategame you already has everything you need in abundance. Taming geysers doesnt need much technologies, so you do it faster

So there is no need to build Drillcone in the late game.

The asteroid belt I might go to, the other asteroid belts I would never consider going to.I basically only use Drillcone 2-3 times per game.
1.Gilded Asteroid Field
2.Swampy Ore Field
3.Radioactive Gas Cloud、Radioactive Asteroid Field

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