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Make shadow chester shadow aligned

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11 hours ago, lenship2 said:

i feel like there's something to be interpreted lore-wise with klei's apparent refusal to align shadow splumonkeys...

Yeah i am kinda confused. Same with the twins. Shadow chester did not choose to be a shadow, nor do they work with them. All the evidence from ancient guardian, and now shadow chester say it definitly should be shadow aligned along with the twins. Shadow aligned monkeys would be great for the brightshade staff.

Beardlords and beardlings are also missing the shadow alignment though i can understand that since they work client side and not server side.

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Theory time.


Chester is a mimic that has adapted to be cooperative with sentient people. He wants to eat, he is so hungry he ripped out his own eye so that a curious person could pick it up. Instead of eating that person, it pretends to be helpful while what it is actually doing is filling its own stomach with whatever the player puts in there.


Why would the transformation to shadow not be desired? It does what he wants most: makes his stomach bigger so he can eat more stuff. (I just checked the wiki, Wagstaffs examine quote says he has 9 stomachs, so transforming into shadow chester is actually giving him MORE stomachs.)


Beardlords and Beardlings are from a much earlier vision of the game. It is supposed to be from the perspective of the player only and not them actually transforming, them dropping monster meat and nightmare fuel was just supposed to be part of that insanity weirdness the game was known for back then. I think it's safe to assume they are not relevant to recent updates. 


As for ''the moon'' causing the transformation, it's likely done as a form of aggression against the victim as an act of punishment for willingly using shadow stuff. With the shadow reaper we now have a second talking tool, hinting that Lucy might have some more shadowy origins,

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