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As I have suggested before and have been campaigning for in DST streams on Twitch, I suggest that the Hay Wall be given a hedge skin. For the duration of its existence, the Hay Wall never once had a skin for it. I believe a hedge would be perfect for it as it wouldn't take away much of the original characteristic of the Hay Wall and also allow players a lot of new ideas for their base decor and open up new possibilities. The picture attached is just to provide a general idea of what the potential skin can be based on. What do you guys think? Any comment is appreciated!

(P.S. Imagine this: we can make a hedge maze someday :))


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10 hours ago, ShadowbirdRH said:

I'd be for it. Have you played Don't Starve: Hamlet? There are hedges in that one, among many other things you don't see in DST.

Oh I haven't given that a spin yet. Maybe I'll check that out to see this. I hope they bring it to DST someday.

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You know, I have also asked for this in the past, but at this point, I'd rather have a different hedge item with no collision.

I'd be happy with a hedge skin, but a separate hedge item that you could walk through with a rustle animation and sound could work for design as well.

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