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Found 3 results

  1. I'd love to see nicely decorated and tidy bases. Show me some screenshots of your base with as few items lying on the ground as possible. Everyone can stack their stuff and spread it out, so please only clean bases. Show me that you took some time in decorating it. They don't have to be big or symmetrical (since I also mess up a lot on that subject D:). Small and nice details are also very much appreciated. Here are some pictures of my current base. It is still work in progress and I plan on putting walls up next. If anyone has some suggestions how I could improve my base, please let me hear it. I will also update from time to time if I made some progress worth noting
  2. Maybe a carriage can be introduced into 'Don't starve' as a transport possibility, drawn by pigs or beefalos. You craft the carriage, then you bait pigs or beefalos with meat/grass to harness them. You can't use the cab to run away from mobs because a perquisite would involve feeding the pig/beefalo a minimum of X meat/grass before you're able set off. The animals should wander off if you don't feed them, wander too far away from the carriage or if they're spooked by monsters. It should be commonplace for you to ride the cab to a faraway destination but not have a ride back. I like the idea of having vehicles in 'Don't starve' but I don't think it should be reliable, easily accessible/crafted or abused (used to escape from monsters).
  3. Greetings fellow members of all statures, I have made this thread in hope that Klei entertainment will upgrade/update the map so it will show the different terrain, I reckon it will be very helpful and beneficial to any and all players. Makes knowing where you are, your surrounding and where things are a little bit easier. Good for finding a decent base location. ^.^ Anyone else agree? Feel free to comment, any posts or information is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Zachary.