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Does Ice Crystalizer Stop Fire Spread?

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I feel maybe it should (with a smaller range)

It now has a tiny range that slows down players, and a bigger range that prevents wildfire.

Maybe it should have a third range that prevents the spread of fire like scaled turfs.

It would be a safe place to fight fire hounds or set up hound traps.

It would also be a safe place to park pet lavae and leave 100 charcoals on the ground without worrying about fire hazard.


Crystalize the flames

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16 hours ago, Arcwell said:

It sort of does, but probably not in the way you'd hope it would. It's just the inner ice circle that keeps things safe:


Am I evil if watching this field of fire makes me want a Post Lunar Rift Upgrade to Dragonfly where she actually breathes a firewall like all that grass burning and the only way the player can combat against it is by using that Icecrystaleyezer thing? That just looks soooo cool, and gives an actual gameplay purpose to the item beyond just making the games existing seasons easier, it makes an impossible to fight boss upgrade, possible.

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