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Maybe its just me but the classic is to big for me and spaced out feels to small. I would love new size that fits as middle ground. Another problem is the fixed geysers that SO asteroids have, leaving you with actually 1-2 random ones. So mid size asteroid with 1 water source rest is random would be perfect for me. So whats your opinion on current asteroid sizes ?

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As for me SO sizes are ok, the moonlets ones are quite small for a main base. 

As for two of the things you listed, you can actually change both asteroid sizes and geysers and much more. You just have to dig a little bit in the files. I myself have created a unique asteroid cluster without any modding knowledge. 

Also also there is a mod for these things if you don't want to go through files, but then you have less customizatoin. 

But I will always welcome more customizatoin ingame so I hope someday Klei will implement something cool to worldgen. 

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Currently I'm running a MiniBase: Spaced Out! map (yes, it's a modded map) and I feel like it's a perfect size to me. The challenge is to squeeze everything you need into a small space and work as intended. Although I'm still the half way of my current run, I appreciate the way the map forces you to adjust your play style. The best part is that there are no more Long Commute.

Last time I checked the Klei's ONI roadmap they still have plans to enrich the world gen options. I also like the Skewed Asteroid they added in Klei Fest 2023 but it is too big to me. So I also look forward to the upcoming changes to the game.

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The area of the classic planet is now 91,200, the three DLC planets each have an area of 43,840, and the five-planet map has an area of 19,584 each. Since the release of the DLC, I have only played the smallest map. Other planets are too big and have too many resources, making the game too simple and boring. Overly large planets require the computer to bear more calculations. I want smaller planets.

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