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Can anyone confirm this re beefalo untaming?

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So I had tamed a second beefalo. Wasn't neglected to my knowledge. Always had a salt lick when not ridden for awhile. Was bell bonded. I played with my son one day and let him pick up the bell and ride tamed beef. Didn't buck him thought all was good. When we were done playing he returned the bell. Next time I logged in I picked up the bell and got on beefalo and she wasn't tamed anymore, bucked me.

So did allowing another player ride my beefalo untame it? 

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Is your Beefalos fur still curled? If yes then it's still tame, the buck off timer just got shorter as it lost some of it's tame-ness during it's "vacation". If you just ride it for longer the timer will extend again.

If the fur is back to normal, it has to be re-tamed.

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