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They added the community suggested pillar craft, it's pretty big and has quite a huge range!

Though, I did want to talk about it.

Firstly, I'm not that fond of its art. I was hoping for something more... cobbled together, and man-made.

Other than that, it's very nice. It's supposedly an Ancient Guardian exclusive blueprint right now.
I do hope this can be looked into, seems rather high-cost for a base maintenance craft.
Stuffing the blueprint behind killing AG multiple times to share it with friends sounds exhausting.

Possibly move it to the Archives or the Ruins Station if you will.

Additionally I would love to see some tiers to the pillars, I'd love a smaller ranged "early game" version that's more hobbled together and makeshift, and the sturdy one that's a bit later or higher cost that provides the massive range. Something I'd personally love to dabble in.

Either way, very pleased this made it into the game, looking forward to more stuff like this.

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I think its fine for it to be locked behind the guardian, the earthquakes can only be activated after killing fuelweaver, which goes after the guardian. If anything make the blueprint retroactively appear on the chest for people that killed the guardian but dont want to kill the fuelweaver to restart the ruins

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