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I love the scrapbook! Adding an in-game wiki is a great idea to help make such an enigmatic game more accessible to casual players who don't want to look up tutorials in their own time. The notifications can also be easily turned off by those who find it annoying. I like the scrapbook, but I think it needs just a few changes to really make the feature feel polished.

  1. Accessible from main menu compendium - This is pretty obvious and feels like an oversight. I absolutely expect the scrapbook to be added to the main menu right next to the cookbook and plant registry
  2. Add the "disable notifications" option to the scrapbook itself The fact that you can turn off the notifications should be a more obvious. I believe most players play with it off.
  3. UI Tweaks - Firstly, a "Go to new" button that scrolls to any new entry. Also, the scrapbook should not take over the entire screen and remove game audio. The way I interact with the scrapbook (and how I expect most players do) is at night while standing next to a fire I pull it up to look at while I wait for day. The UI should either be in the middle and leave the edges of the screen uncovered like the cookbook and plant registry, or an option I like better: Scrapbook takes up 2 thirds of the screen while the remaining third is centered on the player. Players will likely spend more time in the scrapbook than the cookbook and registry since it's so much bigger, so I think having the character on screen so you can keep an eye on the light levels and any warning quotes would be great. At the very very least we need to keep the game audio.
  4. Collect quotes from other players - The scrapbook collects player quotes for each entry, but only for the character you yourself are playing as. The quotes are public, meaning if you teammate inspect something everyone can see the quote over their heads, so I believe that it would be fun for the book to record not only your own character's quotes but your teammate's quotes as well. Either everyone on the server or only those in some proximity to you, I think this would be a fun addition.
  5. "Friendly" mobs should not need to be killed to collect data - Nobody is going to want to kill their chester, fruit fly, hutch, and especially houndius shootius just for an entry. Mobs like these should get the full entry just from an encounter.
  6. "Envioromnetal" entries? - for my last suggestion I think surviving a season should get a seasonal entry to further illuminate the mechanics. (For example, autumn mentions birchnuts, winter mentions temperature, spring entry mentions rain and summer entry mentions wildfires, that sort of thing). Perhaps in this new category stuff like earthquakes, lightning, meteor showers and moonstorms could also have entries.

What do you think? Any other ideas to improve upon the scrapbook?

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I was personally hoping it would be more in-depth like the Spelunky Journal.

Damage, Health, how many I’ve killed, how many I’ve been killed by etc..

Id also love a “Reset” button so if I choose, I can do it all over from scratch again just like Spelunky Journal.

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