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process of raising tallbird is unfun.

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Raising tallbird is not rewarding, in general, but that's not this post is about.

The main pain point that kills the fun is the requirement of constant baby sitting.

Once you started the process, you cannot stop. Unlike beefalos, you can log off with it. When you want to do other stuff, there is salt lick.

But for tallbirds, you have to be on (public server) continuously for the entire duration, and cannot have a sick leave, or vacation, or fight a boss. You have to be there as a parent for 4 hours in real life, otherwise, they die of starvation. They don't eat the food left on the ground offscreen.


Tallbird is a resource sink, but that's fine. But it also feels like I'm kidnapped by the task once it's started. If I decide to take a break in the middle, the cost is to start over the 4-hour process.



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Agreed, I suggest something perhaps like a feeding post for both the critters and followers that need food. Feeding manually is pain and ranching isn't fun when you can't just leave them to their own devices. I'd like to leave smallbirds sometimes in a pen with food cause there's many other things to do besides just nurturing them just to see them die to many things in the wild.

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