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Gorge features that made it to main game

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I only successfully paid tribute to the gnaw a few times in one game and only have gotten access to the gate, but the first thing I noticed when properly playing gorge was farms. They're identical to what we have in the game now.

Is there anything else I've overlooked because I'm game to discuss. 

So many mods have integrated gorge features into the game that I didn't know were gorge features until now.

Is there anything I have missed?





Gorge I reckon looks so good and I would be 100% open to implementing basically everything in the game to what we have now.

Grinding salt on the mill and having wheat on farms, grinding flour into a crockpot filler

Even a grill would have it's place in spite of crockpots. I'd love grills in the game, but have them fill a different niche such as cooking stacks of food.

I appreciate packim baggins in single player, and face it, Klei. This game will FREQUENTLY be played solo. You can do everything you can to balance this game around multiplayer, but seriously, it may never work for everyone, because to be quite frank, playing with others will never go the way you're going to want it to go. 

Having a bulk cooking method would fit into the game, even if you added some risk to it. Like gorge, I wouldn't mind a grill be set up over a firepit and having a chance to overcook everything if left on for too long. 

Also, the structures would be a gem for decorating.


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3 hours ago, Cheggf said:

You buy things from Pearl with money.

I really like the idea of an economy in dst. I love the idea of getting an island with gorge trading and the rest of the stuff that goes with it.

Pearl trading just feels a bit... off. They had a good thing with gorge

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