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[Game Update] - 562343

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Rotwood Combat Focus Test Patch 4 [562343]


  • General
    • Post-hit iframes were not being applied properly to the player if they were during an attack. Now iframes are correctly applied during counter hits.
    • When being Knocked Down, iframes are now active until the player hits the ground, at which point post-hit iframes begin.
    • When being Knocked Back, iframes are now active for the entire hitstop + hitstun sequence.
    • Improve responsiveness when attempting to roll after being knocked down after the Quick Rise window but before the "getting up" animation begins.
    • Quick Rise detection window increased from 3f to 5f
  • Rots
    • Mothballs:
      • Now deal Basic Attacks instead of Knockback Attacks.
  • Powers
    • Playing With Portals: 
      • Decrease sensitivity of double-tap detection making accidental summons less likely
      • If trying to summon a portal near another portal, the nearby portal moves instead of summoning a new one. 
        • Fixes "can spawn two portals on top of each other allowing you to place enemies in The Other Place permanently.
      • Push colours of Portal A and Portal B further apart to make easier to use.
  • UI
    • You can now equip items directly from the armour crafting screen
    • Added more presentation when you unlock a new set of armour
    • When you open the gem screen, the first gem slot will be pre-selected
    • When starting a conversation, the first conversation option will be automatically selected


  • Fixed incorrect description for power Stage Fall
  • Fixed a bug where the Energy Well would consume all of a player's Heartstones
  • Fixed a game slowdown issue when death revived & getting hit by enemies
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes rooms in the swamp would give two rewards
  • Fixed a bug where players would not be able to navigate menus properly with the keyboard if they had a controller plugged in

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