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You don't want to add anything else, Klei?

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No "We are aware of how many of you feel about this update's state"?

You're not going to say "We'll try to make a qol changes to the game, regarding the old and half-baked content"?

Don't you want to inform us that you are "going to to fix the temporary solutions we've implemented"?

Maybe communicate that "we can see that the monthly update scheme is clearly not going to work anymore, now that we don't have character reworks as a buffer"

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1 minute ago, GenomeSquirrel said:

You should at least wait until

Not everyone can/will watch the stream so it'd be nice to get an official written announcement regarding those issues

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15 minutes ago, sylvia wander o said:

didn't they say these things like a month or two ago

and promptly released one of the most half-baked updates up to date?

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