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[Suggestion] Make Charlie's magic look more like flames, not bubbles

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There has been a lot of criticism of Charlie on the forums, so here I only make a point that no one else has made: her magic

This is what it looks like now, with a black bubble on each hand, looks cheap and featureless, also inconsistent with the other else case Charlie uses her magic in and out of the game.



In the previous content, Charlie's magic came in two main forms: the rose vine and the flame.

Rose Vine appears in the cycle puzzle and AF battle, used to destroy the portal and kill AF.
Flame appears in the ANR short film, used to transform the Throneroom.

And flames seem to be perfect for this situation, to transform something. And the use of magic in the form of fire also fits with the Prometheus reference (if it is true).




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I don't want to bash Klei too harshly because who ever drew Charlie doesn't deserve any hate, But Klei really dropped the ball on her in game art, it's disappointing and just really underwhelming, not what any one expected. But overall another good Charlie art suggestion,


In my head I like to assume everyone at the office thought it looked good (and in it's own right art it is good art) and that the community would love seeing Charlies first appearance in game, so they thought nothing of it.


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