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I'm a wes lover and today I came to ask you for survival tips with him. You can share tips about balloons or best strategies to do with it.


I'm going to participate too and give you a hint of something to discover, Wes's party balloons are amazing to download and soon increase sanity, so as soon as you arrive on luna island a good strategy is to create as many party balloons as you can, to reset sanity and when you need to leave just pop the balloons to regain your sanity again.

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5 hours ago, Trevindo said:

survival tips

1) Get killed by a Spider

2) Get killed by a Bee

3) Get killed by a Killer Bee

4) Get killed by a Tentacle

5) Get killed by a Pig

6) Get killed by a Deadly Brightshade

7) Get killed by a Balloon

8) Get killed by the unmatched power of the sun

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Wes’s Rework made him actually fun rather than being an annoying challenge Mode character who’s only purpose to exist was to intentionally be the worst character in the game.

Some of the most Noteworthy changes aside from his Balloon perks were:

Lowering the rate of how fast he gets Hungry, but making his total hunger to full belly lowered- this means he’s no longer burning through food in the base just because he’s Wes. A few Berries will now satisfy him.

Wes also now gets colder or hotter faster, on the surface this sounds like a Bad perk, but in actuality.. he can get Warm just as fast as he can get Cold- so it balances itself out.

Enemy Mobs are more likely to target and attempt to attack Wes- This perk I find hilarious, if your bad at the game.. it’ll make your life more miserable, but if your decent at the game you’ll realize your literally a walking Magnet to Kite those mobs drawn to you exactly into whatever trap you want to lure them into. ;) 

Wes also pairs well with the changes made to Wendy: The Sisturn (and flower petals required to fuel Sisturn) will help keep Wes’s Sanity levels up, alongside top hats Wendy can easily farm silk for, Abigail Bestows a Petal Debuff onto Enemies that will also boost the amount of damage Wes deals when attacking things Abigail is attacking.

Klei also added an Item into the game called the Beefalo Bell, this will allow Wes to get a 1500 hp boost (that regenerates on its own when out of combat) And remember: WES deals less damage… the Beefalo he is Riding Doesn’t share this same penalty. Ride a Beefalo & you’ll have no problems playing as Wes.

Finally his Balloons have their own unique perks- such as Balloon hat protecting players against spring lightning strikes, or the Speedy Balloon always being useful until you get a Beefalo or Walking Cane.

Wes has gone from being my least favorite character in the entire game, to easily being in my top 5 :) 

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